Louvre Atlanta

Louvre Atlanta is an unprecedented partnership between the Musée du Louvre and the High Museum of Atlanta, bringing hundreds of works of art from the Louvre’s collections to Atlanta for a series of nine exhibitions built around specific themes and epochs, i.e. Kings As Collectors  /  Les Collections des Rois  /  The Eye of Josephine / L’œil de Josephine 
The slideshow is composed of photos taken for the advertising of this project and those taken while assisting Peter Harholdt shooting the catalogues.
It’s an intimate voyage into the Louvre, highlighting the carrousel, different galleries within the museum, and most importantly, some of the key pieces from the shows in their natural habitat. It ends with images of the director of the High Museum, Michael Shapiro, the curator for the project, David Brenneman, and the director of the Louvre, Henri Loyrette.
This was a chance of a lifetime and one of the richest collaborations ever.
Special thanks to Peter
Music:  Brian Eno   Deep Blue Day