Chicago: A Collective Sigh of Relief

Feeling the political pulse, working at Obama headquarters on Lake Street, and falling in love with Chicago — that pretty much sums it up. A slideshow that intertwines life at headquarters and life in Chicago, from a blur of the Obama’s house to the Acapulco Night Club, passing through Halloween and into the first week of November. Symbolically, in part, this is also an homage to the millions of volunteers all across the US who worked passionately and tirelessly with and for the Obama campaign. The couple in the photo taken outside headquarters are Italians who came over and worked every day, for months. His shirt says, “In the face of impossible odds, people who love their country can change it.”
Congratulations to us all.

Et un grand merci à Chloe.
Brad was right – there was a palpable collective sigh.

Music: Hatfield 1980 Everything But The Girl