@Crossing  “4×20”

AtlantiqueCrossing is a  series of slideshows made up of favorite images from both my personal and published work. Taken over the years, on both sides of the Atlantic, a collection of 180 images in (mostly) chronological order and in the good company of the Dandy Warhols (5-6 minutes each). Wanting shorter videos for the website, I’ve asked four (so far) interesting others to choose their favorite 20 images, their own criteria.  Resultat: @Crossing  “4×20” .

Part I

Jami’s Choice  “4×20”

Image:  Vu du Dos

Part II

Joanne’s Choice “4×20”

Image:  Empire State

Part III

Scott’s Choice  “4×20”

Image:  Off Duty

Part IV

John’s Choice  “4×20”

Image:  Après